Credit from private -For individuals and self-employed

They are looking for a loan from a private person to get a new car or motorbike,
Renovation of their own four walls, financial bottlenecks or the realization of long-cherished dreams?



Our experience in the field of financing of the loan is based on the assumption that the loan is the most efficient way of obtaining the loan.We offer alternative solutions for any type of loan to persons or entities that are refused by the banking system or that require more flexibility and speed.We offer solutions for commercial financing tailored to your needs.
Before making a personal loan application work, it is necessary to estimate its capacity of loan, and thus to take stock of your financial situation. With this intention, and before carrying out any application for credit, he is advised to you:
To evaluate your budget by taking account of your regular incomes, your usual expenditure related to your lifestyle;
To anticipate the evolution of your personal situation : the enlarging of your family, the departure of your children;
To anticipate the evolution of your professional situation : change of work, retirement for example.

A credit or a loan engages you and must be refunded. Check your capacities of refunding before you to engage.


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Access to mortgage financing is not always easy and easy!

At PAF Financing, we offer alternative mortgage solutions to property owners who are denied by the banking system or who require more flexibility and speed. So whether you need funds to consolidate your debts, pay tax delays, renovate or receive a 60-day notice, we can help.

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Process analysis of the file, standardized, reducing the wait-time before the final acceptance.
Loan decision and disbursement within 48 hours or within a few days.


Loan application submitted to the right lender according to your situation maximizing your chances of obtaining the loan requested, and eliminating the need to make several applications.


Quick response pre-approval of the loan request based on data analysis and questions simple and transparent.


Financing Solution tailored to your needs credit.
A team of experiment which will be able to answer all your questions.

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This article is based on a study of the financial situation of the credit union. In deciding to grant you a loan, we piece together the essence of your financial plan around your current and potential monetary capacity. Thereby giving you the assistance you seek without the worry of any added financial strains by custom-tailoring a loan package that fits within your company’s liquidity needs.

Moreover, we believe in being quick and efficient. We understand that our customers come to us with an urgent need for the support of funds. As such, we take pride in being able to provide you with a swift loan approval outcome coupled together with a simple application process, making it as easy as it can be for you. All while assuring you with the highest quality of customer service and competitive leasing rates.

We are a non-fuss, customer friendly company, so give us a call with your questions, contact us via this website.

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The personal loan is an unallocated and depreciable credit. This is a credit suitable for a specific project for which you know in advance the amount you need. Indeed, the amount of the credit is fixed and determined in advance, so you need to know the amount you need before you take out your personal loan.

The lender will grant you, according to your ability to repay, a specific sum, which you will repay monthly for a fixed period in advance, at a fixed interest rate. It is therefore easy to determine at the outset how long you will repay and the amount you are going to have to repay.

The revolving credit is an unrestricted credit. This is an amount made available to you by the lender, depending on your ability to repay. This amount constitutes your authorized capital. You can use it in whole or in fractions, on the dates of your choice, always within the limit of your available capital.

For example, if the lender granted you an authorized capital of 3000 €: - you can make a draw of 3000 € at one time (and you will not be able to use your credit again until you have begun to repay this amount) - you can make a draw of 1000 €, start to pay back, then a draw of 500 €, which you start to refund in addition to your first draw, and so on up to the limit of your available capital.

You therefore only repay the amounts used, at a reviewable interest rate. Your available capital is rebuilt as you repay and allows you to make new uses. The credit is renewed every year by tacit renewal.

Three months before the anniversary date of your contract, the lender will send you a letter indicating the conditions for renewing your credit agreement. If these conditions have changed from the previous year, you can refuse these new conditions by returning the reply slip attached to the letter by the lender. If you reject the new terms of your contract, it will be terminated. You will no longer be able to use it and you will end up reimbursing your balance under the terms of the contract. Your refunds depend on your uses, their duration and their amount can not be determined in advance. The balance of your revolving credit must be repaid within 3 years (if your authorized capital is less than or equal to 3000 €) or 5 years (if your authorized capital is more than 3000 €). Each use starts a new repayment period (ie a new period of 3 or 5 years).

The revolving credit is thus rather adapted for one-off and passenger needs, which are not determined in advance, its use being flexible enough. You may make use of your revolving credit, either by requesting transfers to your usual bank account or through a credit card, an optional means of using your account if the lender has proposed it to you and You have subscribed to it.

Commercial loans. These are the deferred payments that companies grant to customers in a commercial transaction of purchase or sale of goods or services. This category includes promissory notes, letters, payments or receipts on credit, etc.

The credit real estate, or real estate loan, is a loan taken out to finance all or part of the acquisition of real estate, the operation of construction or work on such property.

This loan is Valid for any individual able age minimum 25 years old with a regular income who are resident and have provided all the documents required for the validation of the loan file.

The real Estate Loan is an opportunity for clients who wish to build, buy a new or older home as a primary or secondary residence, or perform work for improvement of their housing.

Car loan is a loan used to buy your auto, motorcycle, boat, motorhome and other recreational vehicles.

You buy a vehicle ? You can easily get the financing you need. Whether you are buying a vehicle from a dealer or a private individual, we offer convenient financing and flexible to help you get back to the steering wheel of the model of your choice.

The redemption of credit, also called reorganization, consolidation or merger of credit, is a financial solution that attempts to respond to a situation of excessive indebtedness. The purpose of the redemption of the credits is to reduce the overall amount of monthly repayments. The redemption of credit can reduce the monthly payment, but increasing the duration of repayment.

This solution consists in replacing one or several credits already existing by a single credit, at a rate if possible less high, but amortized over a longer duration in line with the income of the borrower. Individuals may thus attempt to find a viable solution to their debt overhang.

There are four types of redemption of credit :

the redemption tenant which includes several credits to the consumption, the redemption of real estate which brings together credit, real estate and consumer credits, the redemption of a credit professional. the redemption of credit by purchase/sale with repurchase.

A redemption of credit with a lower monthly payment pushes back the burden of the repayments in time. Finally, the borrower is trading short-term debt against a larger long-term debt.

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